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Kutz Dog Grooming

Pampering pooches....Big or Small

Thanks for visiting! Here's a bit about us...........

Here at KUTZ, we have invested in the very best washing and drying equipment in order to make the experience for your dog as stress free as possible. We only use professional products for the finest results! 

Our HydroBath drastically reduces bathing time and provides full deep coat penetration which gives your dog a better coat and skin condition. 

  Our cabinet drying system removes the unnecessary stress of blow drying your dog using blasters and hair-dryers.

Why not give your dog a treat after their holiday at Allers Farm Kennels with a wash & blow dry or full groom?! You can request this when you are booking your dog in at the kennels, to ensure they are looking and smelling their best for going home!!

You will be surprised at how competitve our prices are! Phone today for a quote or appointment.

Our Services
  • Full Groom- (Includes nails clipped, inner ears plucked/cleaned, bath and cut to your request)
  • Wash and Blow dry
  • Nails Clipped (No Appointment Necessary)
  • Inbetween groom tidy ups (Face, Paw & Bum)
  • Puppy Cuts and Tidy Ups
  • Pick Up/Delivered Home service (at an additional cost)

We are fully insured.

Our caring and compassionate nature can only assist us in gaining the confidence of you, and more importantly...your dog

Lisa, Owner at Kutz